Climate change

and Solutions Journalism


Data and Digital Storytelling Lead, 360info


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Terminator Gene The Day After Tomorrow An Inconvenient Truth IPCC Reports Nov: finished undergrad
Feb: started undergrad
Hurricane Katrina Feb: Black Saturday bushfires

After undergrad

  • I took a few years off:
    • dealt blackjack and poker by day
    • tried to do animation by night
    • wanted to make videos about climate change
  • Got a kick up the bum and did my postgrad on the health effects of heatwaves
    • I was just there to learn enough to do videos, but I tricked myself into doing a PhD
    • I spent more time making charts and maps, though…

Making broadcast graphics

Making graphics for the public

A figure from my thesis.

A graphic showing increasing spring temperatures over time.

Working at 360info now

Screenshot of the front page

Screenshot of a 360info article that has been picked up

Stories are republished by other media outlets for free under Creative Commons

Screenshot of the 360info GitHub profile

Solutions journalism

What’s solutions journalism?

  1. RESPONSE: Focuses on a response to a social problem — and on how that response has worked, or why it hasn’t
  1. INSIGHT: Shows what can be learned from a response and why it matters to a newsroom’s audience
  1. EVIDENCE: Provides data or qualitative results that indicate effectiveness (or lack thereof)
  1. LIMITATIONS: Places responses in context; doesn’t shy away from revealing shortcomings

From the Solutions Journalism Network

Solutions journalism and climate